There are a number of patterns and motions a child can learn through fun activity's that will help them master the skill of writing.  
This board is designed with some of those patterns in mind and is a must have for young ones starting their writing journey.
The engraved channels are larger than our alphabet board, perfect for young ones who aren't quite at the pencil holding stage.

Activity Ideas:
Roll a marble along with your finger
Hold the board and make small movements to move the marble
Trace with your finger
Trace with a stick
Fill the channels with colour rice or seeds

1x board with engraved front and back

24 x 33cm

Un treated locally sourced Pine, Food grade and Toy safe Danish Oil

We take the utmost care to procure high quality wood but you may see some variation with grain to the picture above.

Please note we are a small family business. So all items are made to order. Turn around time will be 7-10 working days.

Double-sided Pre Writing Board